Franchise Structure

There are more than 3,000 franchise brands in more than 800,000 franchised locations in the US,
employing more than 8,000,000 workers. Franchising allows brands to license their concepts to
individual business owners. Franchisors can expand their brands exponentially while giving franchisees.

the opportunity to achieve the dream of small business ownership at a local level.
It is an opportunity to get into a small business for yourself but not by yourself.
We believe that franchising is a solid business model for wealth creation and independence.
We aim to serve both the franchisors and franchisees to establish open and fair business relationships and enforce contractual relations between the parties.

Our Services include

  • Advise potential franchisors as to suitable franchise structure to expand the business: 
         o Unit Franchise
         o Multi-Unit Franchise
            ▪ Area Representation
            ▪ Subfranchise
            ▪ Area Development

  • Prepare and register corporate documents with applicable state agencies

  • Prepare and file Franchise Disclosure Documents

  • Revise and file renewal of registration, material modifications, pre-effective amendments, and post-effective amendments

  • Advise potential franchisees to conduct due diligence by reviewing Franchise Disclosure Documents and negotiating Franchise Agreements

  • Prosecute actions in arbitration and court proceedings to enforce contracts

  • Enforce violations of statutory laws (eg. California Franchise Investment Law, California Franchise Relations Act)