Why Franchise?

The Founder, written by Robert Siegel, is about the history McDonald’s.  The actual “Founders” of McDonald’s are the McDonald’s brothers, Dick and ___.  But the movie suggests that the real “Founder” is Ray Kroc, the ex-ice cream machine salesman that revolutionized the fast food franchise system as we know it today.  In his effort to convince the McDonald’s brothers to expand, Ray Kroc gives arguably the best pitch as to why a business should franchise.

“Franchise, franchise the thing. It’s too good to just be one location. There ought to be McDonald’s everywhere. Coast to coast, sea to shining sea.”

“If you boys don’t want to franchise for yourselves, fine. But do it for your country. For America. (BEAT) This place you’ve created, it’s noa restaurant. It’s not even a place. It’s an idea.”